Wednesday, April 3, 2013

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Social Media Internet Marketing

Social Media platforms.  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, Linkedin and Google + just to name a few give an Internet Marketer free opportunities to build up a Following, Subscribers or Members.  The more connections an Internet Marketer makes the better the chance to recruit, sell or increase visitors that may become repeat visitors.

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I like to connect with people who work hard to build up their Social Media presence.  When I decided to create accounts with many of the Social Media platforms, I was anxious, eager and impatient but then realized that continuous gradual persistence would benefit me in the long run.  Attracting thousands of active Followers, Subscribers and Members would eventually happen and each week the numbers continue to rise.  The gradual natural method works.

I created this blog page to advertise the Social Media platforms where I have a presence.  If you would like to either become a Follower, Subscriber or Member of any of the Social Media platforms listed, please feel free to connect with me.  If you decide to Follow me at all or any one of my Twitter accounts, I do Follow back.  I only follow people who follow me when it comes to Twitter.

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Twitter Account #1


A Twitter account to promote business opportunities, Internet Marketing tools and free Internet resources.  It is all relative.

Twitter Account #2


A Twitter account dedicated to money saving tips, eCoupons, Internet coupons and the like.

Twitter Account #3


A Twitter account I use to keep up-to-date with local and International news.  I love the way when a major news story hits the media how I can just sign into this Twitter account and I am instantly informed to what is happening.

Facebook Group

Online Article Writers

A Facebook Group where members must request to join because I review all requests to keep the group free of junk and spam.  This is a Facebook Group of active supportive members who are serious about creating residual income online.

Facebook Page

Free Write Revenue Streams

A Facebook Page to Like to keep up with informative posts.  When someone Likes my Facebook Page of course I Like their Facebook Page in return.  If you decide to Like my Facebook Page, please do so from your Facebook personal account.  If you don't Like from you personal account it will not count as a Like, then send me a message at my Facebook Page with your Facebook Page Link/URL.  I'd be more than happy to reciprocate the support.

Facebook Page


If you enjoy occasional updates when new Internet coupons and eCoupons become available, please feel free to Like.  If you would like to receive occasional emails when new Internet coupons, eCoupons and Buy One or Many coupons become available, visit and submit your email address.

Google + Community

Online Article Writers

Google + Communities continue to grow in popularity.  This one is simple.  I started a Google + Community to make new connections on the Google + platform.  It's working and will continue to push forward building its member base.  I hope to see you there.


Linkedin Professional Profile

At the start of 2013 I decided to create a Linkedin Professional Profile and sorry I waited so long to do so.  I've made so many connections from being active in the Linkedin Groups such as Facebook Page Likes and Follow Twitter accounts, I've directed lots of traffic my way.  It's all good.

Youtube Channel

Internet Education 101

A Youtube channel where I upload Internet Education videos.  Any time I feel a technique or method I put to practice shows to be useful and works, I record a video to share it with the Subscribers,  post the video URL onto my Facebook Group, Facebook Page, Twitter account, Linkedin to share an update, and my Google + Community.  Because of Social Media the recorded videos eventually go viral.  The more I learn the more I share.  People helping people is the true path to online success.


This one is simple.  Click Here to Follow me at Pinterst.


I welcome anyone who would like to post their Facebook Groups, Facebook Pages, Twitter accounts, Linkedin Profiles, Google + personal account or Community, and Youtube channels in the comment section.  More the merrier.

I created an Instagram account in May 2013.  Expanding my Interent presence will help my bottom line.  If you would like to connect, Click Here.  I look forward to making many new connections.